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We are committed to you and your dignity and rights as a person. As a patient, you have federal and state rights:


  • To be treated with dignity and respect.

  • To privacy and confidentiality regarding your treatment and medical records.

  • Information may be used or disclosed with your written permission.

  • To ask questions, discuss, and receive clear information about your health status and any necessary treatment.

  • This includes written informed consent for psychiatric or psychological diagnosing, evaluations, testing, medications, risks, and treatment.

  • To refuse or withdraw from any care or treatment you consider harmful or care advised and accept the consequences and outcomes.

  • To appropriate patient care provided by appropriately trained, licensed, and credentialed employees.

  • To a safe environment.

  • To choose the kind or type of therapy or treatment.

  • The right to your own political, religious, or cultural beliefs and practices.

  • To review and receive an explanation of your billing statement.

  • To express concerns about your treatment.

  • To be informed of any human experiment/research affecting your healthcare.

  • To include advance directives in your medical record.

  • To expect that a reasonable effort is made to communicate with patients.

  • To have a guardian, next of kin, or legal designee exercise these rights if you are unable.

  • Within legal limits, to privacy and confidentiality regarding treatment and consultation.

  • To information regarding services and providers available within Cedar Creek Integrated Health.

  • To information concerning fees for services provided.

  • To information as soon as it is discovered of any significant error in your healthcare with possible short- and long-term consequences.

  • To private counsel with a legal advisor and to take legal action.

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